He Never Lets Go

A few weeks ago I got to be a “Love Lady” at our Community Bible Study. What is a Love Lady? She is a lady who gets to go in and spend some time with the precious children that come to learn of the love of God while their mommies get to learn the same.

Not having been a “Love Lady” for many years, it’s been about six now and knowing that each year makes me that much older and knowing how I feel after spending an afternoon with my now 2 year old grandson having had a wonderful time with him but exhausted after his visit; I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Will I be able to make it through the time required? Will the children warm up to me and with quite a few more questions running through my head I entered their world. I of course had nothing to be concerned about because the teachers were amazing and kept everything on track and in order moving from one thing to the next. We read to them, played with them, helped with crafts and snacks. Through all these activities I noticed this one little girl that seemed a little shy at first not really sure that she wanted to participate. I could so relate to that little girl. I had been that way most of life, not really sure I wanted to participate either.

As we went from one thing to the next it came time for some playtime in the gym. So we headed in that direction. That little girl attached herself to me and it was apparent to me that I had a new friend and off we went to the gym.

The teachers lined all the children up on one wall and they were directed to run from one side of the gym to the other becoming various animals along the way. All the children were quite excited and happy to participate, all of them of course except for this one little girl. She had grabbed my index finger in her hand and would not let go. So I said “You can do it, come on let’s go.” So she hanging on to my finger the whole way made it about four times back and forth with me encouraging her the whole time and never once letting go of my finger.

I could so relate to her. I am so like her. My Father does the same for me continuously. He constantly encourages me “You can do it. Not on your own but I am with you always.” He extends His index finger and I hold on to it for dear life. If you notice it appears at the top of this page and has been there since the beginning of this website. It’s how I do life. Hanging on to my Father’s hand and never letting go. I love that He shows me my life in real time illustrations and says to me “You are just like her.” “Yes I am, absolutely I am. I wouldn’t have it any other way and it’s not so much that I hang on to His hand as it is that He never let’s go of mine.”

I pray it’s how you do life as well. Thank you Father for reminding me in the sweetness and innocence of a child that that is how to live our lives in You.

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  1. Alona says:

    So Beth you now have a new little friend. Perhaps you would like to come over to the children’s door where I greet each week, giving each child and mom a hug and a welcome smile and blessing. Then you could continue to connect with that little girl each week until you become a love lady again. I had this same experience a couple of years ago with a little boy named Noah, Carol Lazenby’s grandson. He was so shy and could only come every other week and continues to look for me when he comes to church. In fact, he was looking for me on Sunday where I work checking in the infants to twos. I made it a point to say hello to him and receive the biggest hug. He brings joy to my heart and knows he has a friend in a really big place. It is such a great opportunity for you to be Jesus to that little girl. Thanks for sharing – Hugs and God’s blessing to you today.

    December 7th, 2015
  2. Beth says:

    Thank you Alona. The children are so cute. I’m glad you have a little friend like that as well. I love their sweetness and innocence. No wonder Jesus loved to have them gather around Him. They are so precious in the eyes of God. ;)

    December 7th, 2015

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