Light Reflection

We are planning our next Faith Lift event for women on August 9th. The topic is the Holy Spirit. We have this beautiful picture of a multicolored dove and as you look at it it’s as if this rainbow of colors of light resonates from it. It is absolutely beautiful. Being part of the decorating team for the event I will be making origami doves for the centerpieces for the tables. I was completely stumped as how to replicate this beautiful rainbow colored dove so the other evening I asked God what paper to use and immediately the thought of iridescent wrapping paper came to mind. Well then I asked “Where do I find that Lord?” I haven’t seen iridescent wrapping paper in a long time but I thought of a party store. So in the morning I got up early to head to my closest party store about 25 miles away from my house and as I was passing this one small store in my town I had an impression to go in there and look for iridescent wrapping paper but it was early in the morning and the store wasn’t open yet so I continued on to my destination. I didn’t find my wrapping paper but I did find other decorations for our tables, then I was off to meet with my friend to decorate our signup table. In just a short amount of time our mission was accomplished so I headed home and as I made my way into town I was again impressed to visit that little store. I followed that impression and went in and as I was scouring the boxes of wrapping paper I came across what I had been looking for.

The one and only roll of the most beautiful iridescent paper I had ever seen. As I played with it in the light I noticed depending on the angle of the paper the reflection of the light would change. As I would turn it one way the reflection would be quite bright displaying all the rainbow of colors and as I turned it the other way hardly any reflection at all could be seen. As I stood there doing that turning it first this way and then that I thought we are also just like that paper.

How brilliantly we shine depends on how well we are reflecting the light. When I am turned toward the light I reflect its’ brilliance and it flows to me and through me like a beautiful rainbow of color for all to see but I have to admit that sometimes I turn away from the light, not intentionally of course but mostly through neglect. In those times I can always, after the fact it seems see that hardly any light flows through me at all. That is when my flesh is displaying itself for all the world to see. In those times my light is so dim it scarce can be seen at all by me or by anyone else.

How about you? How well are you reflecting the light?

Matt 5:16 Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Father help us when we turn in the wrong direction and our light goes dim to turn toward You and reflect Your light in all it’s brilliance and rainbow of colors. Thank you Father for teaching me. I so need it every single day. ;)

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  1. Alona Redden says:

    Thank you Beth – I am so disappointed that I will miss this event. But as a grandma to two little birthday boys in PA I’ll be traveling to see them and hopefully spreading some light in their lives! Blessings to you girl as you listen to that silent voice that guides you. Love, Alona

    July 29th, 2014
  2. Beth says:

    Oh I pray you have a blessed time with your grandsons. Nothing is more precious on earth than those little ones. Enjoy every minute. ;)

    July 30th, 2014

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