The Father’s Day Question

Yesterday was Father’s Day, the day for fathers. How wonderful our earthly fathers can be if we are blessed enough to have that relationship in our lives.

On Friday as I was attending a blessed ladies luncheon I received a phone call, a voice mail and a text from my daughter frantically trying to get hold of me. I thinking something terrible had happened immediately returned her call. “What is it? What is wrong honey?” “Mom I just don’t know what to get Dad for Father’s Day. I’ve been racking my brain and thinking and thinking and I just cannot come up with anything so I had to call you. Do you know what Dad wants for Father’s Day?” Oh my goodness crisis averted in my mind anyway but not in hers. This was so important to her. She loves her Father so and so wanted to please him on this special day.

Aren’t we like that as well with our walk with our heavenly Father? We so want to please Him and so our questions are similar and go something like this. What is Your will for me? What can I do for you? What do You want from me Father? In the end the question is the same. What does Abba (Father) want?

I knew the answer to my daughters question and said “He wants time with you. That is all that he wants.” So she called him and arranged a Father Daughter date. He texted me a little while later with the announcement “I have a date Saturday night with our daughter.” Even though it was a text I could feel and hear and see what that one request from our daughter did for her Dad because truly that is all that he wants from his children.

The answer to what does Abba our heavenly Father want from us is the same. He wants time with His children, that is all. Out of that relationship grows everything else. I pray when you ask the question “What do You want Father?” you hear His still small voice reply, “Time with you my child, that is all.” And I pray you arrange a Father Daughter date. I had one this morning and it was wonderful. ;) I thank Him and am so blessed that He is my Father.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Beth, this is so very beautiful. And for us to be on the other end of that special time. To be wanted! There is such tenderness in that father/daughter/child relationship.

    June 16th, 2014
  2. Beth says:

    Oh my gosh Lisa that is so true. I myself never experienced that relationship as a child but God has so made up for that over and above as His Fatherly loves flows to me in so many overwhelming ways. We are so blessed that He truly loves us and so longs to spend time with us. That is just unfathomable to me but it is true.

    June 16th, 2014

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