Hard of Hearing and Trusting God

Elsie our loyal German Shepherd is getting up there in years. She is all of 12 years old and bless her heart she is losing her hearing. I let her out this morning and when I called her to come in there was no response so I tapped on the window. That’s the signal for her to come when it’s cold outside so I don’t have to open the door until she’s at it and again no immediate response. I thought where is she and then I realized she can’t hear me, not because she doesn’t want to but because she is unable to.

Sometimes that is our response as well when God calls. Sometimes we just can’t hear because we have not trained ourselves to hear and recognize His voice and other times we are unable to because what He is saying we are not able to receive at the time. We don’t want to harden our hearts to what He is saying but sometimes our hearts have been damaged and need to be repaired and softened to receive what He is saying. I have been there before and I could possibly be there right now although I am not sure of that yet.  I am trying to discern if it is God leading me somewhere or myself or others. My heart is to follow God and Him only so I go to His word first for council for my answers and then to those mature Christians whom I trust, who are very few in deed and there in lies my problem; the issue of trusting others. I find it very difficult to do that. Am I the only one?

I read the word and it says in Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it? If I cannot trust my own heart how in the world am I suppose to trust someone else’s? Even Jesus Himself did not trust men it says in John 2:24 because He knew all men. Finally I come to the heart of the matter when God speaks so sweetly to my heart and says “It’s not a matter of you trusting them, It’s a matter of you trusting Me with them.” There was my hard of hearing issue. I wanted to trust Him with people in my life but it was just so difficult for me. I can say that today thanks to God and His repair and softening of my heart I have the break through I have needed. My ears are no longer hard of hearing.

It always comes down to trusting Him and Him alone. I’m glad God does not give up on us but works to repair and soften our hearts to hear and receive His words. I can trust Him with them in my life and I can trust Him to give me discernment with people and you can as well. What a freedom that is for us. I give Him all the glory for that because It’s all about Him, it’s not about us. Thank you Father for the ability to trust You and You alone. Thank you for teaching me Lord. I so need it every single day. ;)

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