Come Out and Play

The other day Elsie was having some issues so into the truck we went and were off to the vet for a checkup. Elsie is not the best car or truck rider. She has issues (lol) but we made it to the vet, not without incident of course but we did make it. As we arrived I first I checked and made sure there were no other dogs in the waiting room. Again she has issues. I’ll explain. No dogs so we entered, got checked in and sat down to wait for our visit. As I was sitting there a woman who was obviously a German Shepherd lover admired Elsie. She is beautiful. We struck up a conversation about her and she commented on her small size. I said “Oh she was the runt of the litter and she doesn’t really like other dogs. I took her to puppy obedience class when she was little to try and socialize her but she would run and hide from the other puppies. I think her litter mates traumatized her and she wants nothing to do with other dogs.” lol

Just then we were called in to see the vet. After our visit as we were standing waiting to pay a dog and his owner tried to come out of one of the rooms after his visit. Elsie immediately displayed what I had said earlier. She took her stance and this fierce bark came out of her as if to say “If you come near me we are going to have a problem.” The owner immediately closed the door and the lady we were speaking with said “You weren’t kidding. She’s on high alert now.” I said “Yes”, paid the bill and left so that the owner stuck in the examining room could exit.

They say dogs owners are a lot like their dogs. This morning that scene played through my head and God reminded me I use to be like that. Not that I lashed out like that but that being hurt in the past I never really wanted to play with others. I was more inclined like Elsie to run and hide from the other puppies through busyness or whatever else I could think of to avoid them. It was easier to build a wall then it was to let them in. Maybe some of you can relate. How tall and thick is your wall?

I have to admit I gave up on trying to socialize Elsie. Except for Nala our German Shepherd we had when Elsie was a puppy and Henley my daughters dog who Elsie met when Henley was a puppy she pretty much doesn’t like any other dogs. I thank God He has more patience then I do and He doesn’t give up on us. He continued over the years to put wonderful Christian friends in my path even when I would hide from them He would still manage to place them there for me and slowly little by little the wall came down. I am so grateful to God that He never gave up on me. Thanks to God and some truly sincerely loving Christians He has continued to place in my path, whom I’m sure had no idea He was using in my life; I have learned to play again.

Elsie and Henley

Just last week one of those friends and I played all day visiting consignment shops and seeing what treasures we could uncover and while we were playing we ran into another one of those loving Christian friends God has placed in my path and not too many days from now I am looking forward to some playtime when I meet with a few of those loving Christian women friends over tea. Can’t wait to see you ladies. ;)

Trust God, let Him remove your wall brick by brick so that you can come out and play. We are waiting for you. ;)

Help us Father to allow You to remove those walls we have built around us to keep us safe but in reality keep us in rather than others out. Thank you Father that you teach us in such ordinary everyday things. ;)


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  1. Marilyn says:

    Yes I like to play too & hope to play with you soon Beth!

    September 16th, 2013

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