Respond Quickly to the Call

This morning as I awoke and walked the hallway to the bathroom I saw Elsie (my sweet German Shepherd) lying on the stair landing. She knows she’s not aloud upstairs. I smiled because I knew that was as close to me as she could get. As I came out of the bathroom and was standing at the top of the stairs I saw her at the bottom of the stairs just dancing with excitement and anticipation that I was coming to greet her. I am her world and she follows me everywhere. I greeted her with much love and then we headed for the back door.

We have been experiencing quite an unusual amount of warm weather for this time of year but as I opened the door the coldness of the early morning air caught me by surprise. As I looked out I noticed some actual whiteness to the grass and realized that yes indeed winter has made its way to the northeast. Elsie slipped out the door. I quickly closed out the cold and returned to the warmth of the inside.

I made my way to the kitchen, filled my coffee mug with my favorite green mountain brew; then I returned to retrieve Elsie and because we don’t particularly like to stand in the cold winter with the door wide open and wind blowing in sideways calling her; we have taught her to listen for a small tap on the door window pane. Every single time she hears it she comes running bounding up the deck stairs to the door as if we’ve been separated forever. So I tapped on the glass and sure enough she immediately responds running for the door. When she reaches the door I open it just enough for her to make her way in and then quickly close it again letting as little of that cold air in as possible. As I did that I thought Lord, I want to be like that. I want You to be my world. I want to wait with great anticipation and expectation of You. I want to be quick to hear your tap on my door window pane and say “Yes Lord, here I am.” I want to be quick to respond. I have to admit that hasn’t always been a trait I’ve aspired to. I have more often than not been the one that hears but would rather remain outside and play so to speak. Can you relate? My prayer for this New Year for us is that we will hear our Saviors call and we will be quick to respond. I hope that is your prayer as well.

Thank you Lord for teaching me through the sweet heart of Elsie and such ordinary things. I so need it every day. ;)

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  1. Lucy Atkins says:

    We tap the window glass, too, for our dog Tippy to come in.He runs in, too!

    December 21st, 2012
  2. Beth says:

    We can just learn so much from our beloved four legged friends. Thanks for sharing Lucy. I loved your picture of Tippy. She is beautiful. ;)

    December 21st, 2012
  3. Terry says:

    Like “Frosty” Tap..Tap..Tapping at your window pane..”Baby Jesus came to town!! YEAH!!! “Merry Christmas!!!” Love you!! Keep ‘em coming!!! Blessings…Terry

    December 22nd, 2012
  4. Lisa says:

    Beth, Hey Girl!
    I guess it’s been awhile since I have visited you blog. I just love this. Our babies are so attentive to us. I think that we would be that way with the Lord had we not fallen in the Garden. I think that this side of heaven, this interaction between us and our animals gives us a unique glimpse of the relationship/obedience of a pure heart.
    For the past week I have had on my mind the scripture about… for in Him we live and breath and have our being. This has been so comforting for me. For if all this is done in Him what protection that we have! When I finally looked it up in Acts 17 I found that instead of breathe it is move. I was slightly disheartend. But He was there to teach me that breathing is something that we do internal to our bodies, where moving is something that is done in the world. Which speaks so much more of His protection and love. It’s been a heck of a week, and this image of living in Him has given me such peace and comfort. So now that I have that blanket of protection I have asked the Lord to let me hear that tap on the window when I become too distracted by what is going on around me. He’s right there to bring me into the warmth and comfort of His presence. Help me Lord to be attentive and wait for that knock.
    Thank you Beth so much for you reminders that He is always there and on our side when it seems the world may be against us. Sorry I guess I have been rambling! Love you Girl. Pray for me please, I think I’m being attacked and am having a hard time.

    January 15th, 2013

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