Taste and See

I was cooking turkey the other day for our Fall Family Harvest Dinner which was Saturday. Tim insisted on cooking the giblets for Elsie (our beloved German Shepherd). She was enjoying them so much that he decided to give my sister’s visiting cat Mow Mow a taste. She is a carnivore so surely she would enjoy a little turkey liver but to his surprise she turned her nose up at it. Obviously she has never tasted meat.

So of course for me this scripture came to mind. Psalm 34:8a Taste and see that the Lord is good. Just as Mow Mow was created to enjoy meat, we too were created to enjoy God and be in relationship with Him but many of us just like Mow Mow never taste and see that the Lord is good. She has no idea what she is missing and neither do we when we won’t taste and see that the Lord is good.

Father, thank you for teaching me. I so need it every single day. ;)

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