Asserting Independence “Not Always a Good Idea”

Rylee's Hurt

I’m just learning so much from my 3 year old niece Rylee. She and her parents have been staying with us for a while. Her daddy has gone now to his new job down south and her and mommy will be leaving soon as well.

She has been asserting her independence probably way more than she should in the absence of her daddy. This afternoon her mommy has been contending with her independent spirit. Her mom no more than got the words “Don’t run with that water container” out of her mouth and down Rylee went face first onto the deck. She got up and immediately ran to the one that just moments before was the obstacle to her independence.

I could so relate to that 3 year old. How many times have I tried in my Christian immaturity to assert my independence? I’ll do it myself or whatever the independent spirit was at the time only to find myself falling flat on my face as well, picking myself up and running into the loving arms of the One who tried to direct my steps as I refused to listen. His arms enfold around me like Rylee’s moms around her. All the “I told you sos” forgotten. I begin again remembering that independence from the One who created me is never really a good idea. LOL

John 15:5 comes to mind “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  Thank you Father for teaching me. Help me to remember this whenever I start to feel just a little independent.  ;)

Safe in Mom's Arms


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