Clay Pot to Beautiful Topiary

I’ve been getting ready recently to share with some beautiful women at a Christian Women’s Retreat and in that preparation I assembled these clay pots reading them for the creative hands of those beautiful women. As I looked at them all lined up waiting to become beautiful topiaries through the creative hands of those beautiful women I thought you know, we are all like this before we come to know the Lord, just empty clay pots waiting to be filled with the beauty of Him so that we can reflect that beauty to others. So that when they see us they don’t see us (the clay pot) but rather they see the beauty of the Lord in us (the topiary).

We can decorate the outside of the clay pot any way and as much as we want to but it’s still a clay pot. It’s not a beautiful topiary. It takes the hand of the creator to make the clay pot a beautiful topiary. It’s not what’s on the outside that makes the clay pot beautiful, it’s what it contains. Christ in you the hope of glory. Col 1:27b

 If you would like to come and create a beautiful topiary and learn that God also sees you as “Beautiful” here is the link




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