The Ultimate Lesson From Elsie

  If you have been following this website than you know that Elsie our beloved German Shepherd has taught me many things over the years which I have shared with you. It is with sadness that I tell you that she is no longer with us. It has been just exactly a week since she left [...]

Hard of Hearing and Trusting God

Elsie our loyal German Shepherd is getting up there in years. She is all of 12 years old and bless her heart she is losing her hearing. I let her out this morning and when I called her to come in there was no response so I tapped on the window. That’s the signal for [...]

Filled Bowls

Our daughter’s dog Henley, a German Shepherd as well has been visiting us for a few days as her and her husband are on vacation. Having two puppies (not really puppies just what I like to call them) in the house reminds me of a time when we had two German Shepherds at one time [...]

The Garden For Our Souls

  I have a flower garden next to the house. It’s a protected spot, fenced in all around with white lattice topped fencing. In it grow various perennials iris, phlox, daisies, lilies, hostas, clematis, wisteria on the arbor and beautiful David Austin roses. They bloom in beautiful old rose style. Big cabbage shape roses with [...]

Living in the Moment

Elsie and I are at home together today. As Elsie is gazing longingly through the window she spies her nemesis the squirrel. He delights in teasing her mercilessly through the window as if to say, “Na na na na na , you can’t catch me.” She wines at me incessantly to go out and rid [...]

Healing Wounds

I had to take Elsie to the vet a few weeks back. She had a lump on her back and since I have now loss two wonderful dogs to cancer I quickly got her in for a visit. The vet said surgery was in order to remove the lump and test it for cancer. It [...]

Alone in the Dark

Tim went to bed last night and did almost all the checks before bed. Let the dog out – check, make sure all the doors are locked – check, all the windows locked – check and then went to bed. Luckily my son Tim stayed up late watching TV. Every 5 or 10 minutes he’d [...]

Meet Elsie

Lately God has just been showing me so much through my very sweet and most loyal German Shepherd Elsie. She wasn’t always that (very sweet and most loyal.) When we first got her as a puppy she was a challenge. She was the runt of the litter and was picked on mercilessly by her brothers [...]