Have You Lost Your Blooms?

Last year our fruit trees were loaded with fruit. I gave away as much as I could to whomever would come take it but still my freezers are full from the abundance of fruit. This year as I walked the property expecting to see the same thing, buds galore I found hardly any, a few [...]

He Never Lets Go

A few weeks ago I got to be a “Love Lady” at our Community Bible Study. What is a Love Lady? She is a lady who gets to go in and spend some time with the precious children that come to learn of the love of God while their mommies get to learn the same. [...]

Weeds In Our Gardens

Spring has finally come to our neck of the woods and I being so anxious to get out into the flowerbeds before the weeds begin to take over and yet before I could get there I injured my back. As I walk in the garden seeing the weeds overtaking the flowers I so long to [...]

The Ratty Sweater of Regret

It’s a New Year. How do you see this New Year that is approaching? Is it with much hope, joy and anticipation of what is to come or is it with heartaches, regrets and much disappointment that you say goodbye to the year that’s past. Do you see it as another chance to live the [...]

Light Reflection

We are planning our next Faith Lift event for women on August 9th. The topic is the Holy Spirit. We have this beautiful picture of a multicolored dove and as you look at it it’s as if this rainbow of colors of light resonates from it. It is absolutely beautiful. Being part of the decorating [...]

The Father’s Day Question

Yesterday was Father’s Day, the day for fathers. How wonderful our earthly fathers can be if we are blessed enough to have that relationship in our lives. On Friday as I was attending a blessed ladies luncheon I received a phone call, a voice mail and a text from my daughter frantically trying to get [...]

Erasing Heart Scribbles

We have been learning to forgive in our small group study that a wonderful Christian women and I have been leading and the other day as I read through our study on Unforgiveness I remembered this post I wrote more than two years ago on Heart Writing and in it I mentioned God erasing the [...]

Love and Muffins

We just finished a wonderful Faith Lift Ladies event where Janet shared about the heart and love of God, so appropriate for this time of year. All the ladies had a wonderful time. They shared with me how special they felt as they entered seeing all the decorations and food that had been prepared for [...]

In Jesus’ Name I Pray

Have you ever noticed how we all seem to end our prayers with “In Jesus name I pray” and not really give it much thought as to exactly what that means? I know I have been guilty of that in the past. This morning a little contemplation on that has led me to think just [...]

Hard of Hearing and Trusting God

Elsie our loyal German Shepherd is getting up there in years. She is all of 12 years old and bless her heart she is losing her hearing. I let her out this morning and when I called her to come in there was no response so I tapped on the window. That’s the signal for [...]